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[Voting] @ Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Vote

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About the Bigg boss 1 Tamil Vote

Here is the complete information to all the Tamil viewers regarding the Bigg Boss season 1 voting Hosted by famous actor Mr. Kamal Hasan. There will be voting system every week in the house where the least voted house mate will be eliminated. The elimination will be purely based on the votes granted by the audience. There are many ways to vote your favourite contender by giving a miss call to prescribed numbers or by signing up online officially. According to the response from public the house mates will be descended to next round of the game. 

Bigg Boss Season 1 Contestant names with Dates timings

The nominees who have received huge number of votes will be safe from the elimination zone and will be playing the game. This is the season which is playing with 15 celebrities for 100 days and it has come to an end and the winner of the show will be announced very soon in television. The elimination process consisted of co stars has to nominate 2 house mates by telling their reason for nomination. Now this is the time to all the viewers to save your favourite contender of the house by presenting your votes. The response will be noted by the bigg boss members and the result will be declared on the day of elimination.

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Vote

Bigg Boss is a reality show which has come up in our country in recent time. Initially it was organised in eastern countries where the copy rights were taken by bollywood film industry and started the show. The house mates are not allowed with cell phone and watches. They should only follow the rules which are instructed by BIG BOSS. According to big boss voice rules and regulation the contenders will be acting. They will be provided with tasks and special rules where the housemates must it compulsorily.

Contenders for this week nominations for the Bigg boss Season 1 tamil 2017

  • Sneham
  • Aarav
  • Ganesh venkatraman
  • Bindu Madhavi
  • Harish Kalyan.

Vote your favourite contender and make them sustain in the house.

The process of voting will be explained by the channel members and there are also instructions provided in internet. 

The above mentioned participants are being nominated for this week of elimination and the audience of Tamil Industry are informed to submit their regards by voting your favourite housemate. The voting poll will be opened from Monday to Friday and the audience can register their vote for your favourite contestant. Click on the link provided below to know the process and details for vote.

Bigg boss Season 1 Tamil Missed Call Number 2017

  • Vote for Snehan – Missed Call Number – 7210122313
  • Vote for Ganesh Venkatraman – Missed Call Number – 7210122304.
  • Vote for Aarav – Missed Call Number – 7210122301.
  • Vote for Bindu Madhavi – Missed Call Number –7210122316
  • Vote for Harish Kalyan Missed Call Number – 7210122318

Kindly submit your response as soon as possible and save your favourite contestant. Also go through the online poll process which is mentioned below.

Note: Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Vote Online Voting Missed Call Numbers will be updates Soon.

Steps to be followed for Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Vote

Go to the link of BIG BOSS Tamil in Google and visit the link.

Search for big boss vote and click on the contestants link.

 Now sigh up with your Google accounts and click on submit button.

After logging into the voting page submit your vote to your interested contestant.

Note: only 50 votes are accepted per day.

After selecting vote, submit it and complete the process.

All the Tamil audience are here kindly informed to mention your response and be a part of the game.


Note: The Important note is that the full information like Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Vote Online Voting & Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Contestant names with dates & timing with Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Winners list will be uploaded here with the good manner. Because the Bigg boss of tamil not yet given any dates and information about the Bigg Boss 2 Tamil. May be it will be available from last week of December 2017 and the Bigg boss 2 tamil and telugu Starts from New year 2018.

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